To rotate the hands on the interactive e-Clock, move the cursor over the clock face, press the left mouse button down and move the mouse. Rotate the mouse clockwise around the centere of the e-Clock to move the time forward and move the mouse in an anticlockwise direction around the center of the eClock. to move time backwards.


Our lives are organised around the concept of time; it is an common reference point for us all in modern life. A clock is probably the most familiar piece of technology that we use for indicating the time, and it is important that we know how to read them. The interactive eClock above is a tool that that provides a way to help teaching this fundamental skill. Below are some notes on how it can be used:

Analogue Clock

The analogue clock is the main display that appears. The interactive hands can be moved around the e-Clock face by pressing on the left hand button of the mouse and moving clockwise or anti clockwise around the centre of the e-Clock. Very simply this can be used to set the time to ask questions about it, for instance what is the hour hand and what number is it pointing to etc. It is also useful to illustrate the relationship between the hour and minute hand's movements.

Digital Clock

The digital display is initially hidden but can be revealed by clicking on the DIGITAL ON/OFF button on the menu at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Move the hands on the analogue clock and you will see that the time is also displayed in digital format on the digital clock. Also note that there are two more buttons in the menu area now: 24 Hour On/Off and AM/PM On/Off. You can use these buttons to select the mode the digital clock is working in. As an exercise set the analogue clock so that the digital clock reads 02:30 PM then click the 24 Hour On/Off button a few times to see the effect on the digital display.

Words and numbers

As well as the interactive analogue and digital displays, the time can also be displayed as words. You can use the Words On/Off button in the Control panel to show or hide the time in words. This is useful for describing the the time in relative terms, such as quarter To and quarter past. An example of this features use would be to set the time on the analogue clock and ask what the time is in words, then display the words to check.


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